"Our minds can be hijacked" - Living in a smartphone dystopia. [The Guardian]

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We are living in the age of surveillance capitalism

We are paying to carry location tracking devices (smart phones), and placing listening devices (smart speakers) and surveillance cameras (doorbell cameras) in our homes.


FANGSTORM is an acronym of the key companies of the surveillance economy.

What do these companies do that I should be concerned about?

Why do they do this?

Data mining is the new oil
  • The Economist: “The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data”
  • CBC: “'Data is the new oil': Your personal information is now the world's most valuable commodity”
  • The FANGSTORM companies are the Exxon and Chevron of data extraction. Their software and services are designed to extract as much information from you as possible.

    Spyware is defined as "software that surreptitiously monitors and reports the actions of a computer user". By this definition, most of the products offered by these companies are spyware!

    About the "third parties" (data brokers) that obtain data about you from FANGSTORM


    Like refiners in the oil industry, who turn raw petroleum into refined products like gasoline, plastics, etc, an entire economy of companies (called data brokers) exists that combine and refine data from FANGSTORM into products that they can sell. [CBS News]

    Some names of a few of these data brokers, and some of the products that they sell:

    Source: CBS News: 60 Minutes

    How much do they know about me?

    How can Facebook and other consumers of my activity on FANGSTORM sites/apps use that data to manipulate me?

    How is this legal?

    Federal legislation was passed March 28, 2017 that legalized selling of your internet activity:

    More information:

    How the U.S. government is making use of some of the information it obtains about your from FANGSTORM

    NSA Building

    More infomation:

    What can I do about this?